hotel Angers centre ville proche

The Ralliement car park facility:

At only 50 meters from the hotel (this parking is open 24/24, and is only 1€ from 7 pm to 10 am).


At the Continental Hotel, the Eco-Attitude takes part of our priorities. The hotel's staff is engaged on a environmental way, and participate at the planet's preservation.

Our ecologic work has 6 more important aims:
1. Limitation of our energy consumption (Use of electric bulbs with weak consumption, timer in corridors...)
2. Reduction of our water consumption (control of the flow and of our consumption)
3. Decrease of our waste production (sorting of the waste, the use of recyclable disposable products or compostables, use of products in bathrooms in distributors, and not in individual packagings)
4. Value the use of the least dangerous substances for the environment (Use of vinegar to clean bathroom, use of ecological cleaning products)
5. Favorisation of the use of renewable resources.
6. Encouragement in the education and in the communication for environment. (Informations avalaible in rooms)

These few ecological gestures adopted in the Hotel, but also in the daily life in each places of life, allow us to contribute to the conservation of our environment and our planet. To become Éco-citoyen, share with us, these few gestures which make all the difference!